23472443_10100135266916204_4723477470596327383_n Kristin Harris is a Historian and Podcast Host from Salem, Massachusetts with an B.A. in Early American History from Penn State University and an M.A. in American Studies from UMASS Boston.

In 2013, Kristin moved to Salem to pursue her M.A. in American Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston, which was conferred in May 2015.

Kristin has been a public historian for years, first starting her career working at the Witch House, and the 1630 Pioneer Village in Salem as a tour guide for both.  She later went on to work as a public tour guide for Salem Black Cat Tours beginning in 2014, until starting full time work as a Tour Guide/Reenactor at the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum in 2017. She now continues to work for the BTPSM as a Lead Actor in the Creative Department at the Museum.

It was in this role both with Black Cat as a public historian and tour guide, (specializing primarily in paranormal tours), and as a budding academic in the Master’s program at UMass, that Kristin first connected her love for the paranormal with public history, and realized that the two could mesh as a field of academic study.

While researching for her Master’s thesis, Kristin met and joined with the Mass Ghost Hunters Paranormal Society as an investigator in training, and served as an investigator with the team from 2015-2017. Her time with MGHPS informed much of her continued research into the paranormal, and paranormal history.

Currently, Kristin uses her academic training to host a podcast, Life After Midnight: Strange History, Salem Style.

Beginning in 2019, Kristin started work with Intramersive Media LLC as a consulting historian and dramaturge for their third installment of Daemonologie, their yearly October production, which was entitled Smoke and Mirrors, which was sponsored by the Peabody Essex Museum, and the Creative Collective. Smoke and Mirrors explored social anxieties of 1849, within the context of the budding (and very new in 1849) Spiritualist movement. Kristin has since then joined Intramersive as a permanent member of the production team.

The relationship between the paranormal and historical research is one that is sometimes looked upon with triviality by historians. Join historian Kristin Harris and come on a journey into the darker secrets of history, lifting the veil between the unknown, and current historical understanding. This podcast will explore the macabre culture and practice of peoples around the world, with the goal of bringing a better understanding how the stranger things in our past can tell us more about our future.