Episode 6: Heading Home to the Horseman’s Hollow- Halloween in Irving’s Sleepy Hollow

In this episode, travel with me on a Halloween Adventure to the legendary village of Sleepy Hollow, New York, where I explore the meaning and symbolism behind Washington Irving’s famous tale. Learn all about my experience in the town, where Irving got his inspiration for the story, some other famous sites in Tarrytown, and perhaps a bit about some spiritual visitors, on this night where the veil grows thin, and the dead walk among the living. Just remember to hold on to your head…

NSFW A slight bit of strong language

Episode written and recorded by Kristin Harris 2019.


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Episode 5: She’s Got Looks That Kill: Deadly Fashions in the 19th Century (Part 2)

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In Part 2 of this episode, I conclude my journey into 19th century fashions with exploring Arsenic in green dye. Join me as we take a look at a fashion plague on Victorian England, its social impact, and the deaths surrounding household items used on a large scale. These fashion faux-pas will NOT leave you green with envy…

NSFW: Descriptions of death, and graphic descriptions of symptoms of Arsenic poisoning.

Episode 4: New Orleans, a City for the Living and the Dead


(photo of the “ghost” of Julian Eltinge, with the original signed in 1917 photo on the left)

(this is a re-posting of an earlier episode that somehow got deleted. Originally recorded March 15, 2018)

Join me as I tell you about some of my favorite haunts, old and new, in the Crescent City, from my recent travels there. In the episode, I’ll tell you about why New Orleans name, City of the Dead, applies to more than just the cemeteries… The dead walk with the living, and are all around you in this city on the river.

Episode Written and Recorded by Kristin Harris

NSFW: Some strong language

*photo courtesy of WGNO.com

Episode 5 : She’s Got Looks That Kill: Deadly Fashions in the 19th Century (Part 1)



In this episode, I explore the strange, and sometimes fatal fashion trends that developed in the Western World in the 19th century. In the words of the ever-eloquent Motley Crue…”She’s Got Looks That Kill.” NSFW. Slight bit of strong language, lots of fire, and lots of frills.



Episode 3: Curious Cases of Things Dead and Gone: Salem’s Gothic Literary Past and Present

Join me in a discussion of, you guessed it, Salem’s gothic literary past and present. I’m joined by Amber Newberry and Laurie Moran, authors and editors for FunDead Publications, and we are discussing what the hell gothic horror actually is, their new anthology, and gothic literature’s connection to Salem. It’s always a wild time when FunDead is in the studio, so listen up!

Also, check out their website, fundeadpublications.com for more info.

**NSFW- This episode contains some explicit language**

Episode written by Kristin Harris and recorded with Amber Newberry and Laurie Moran

*photo courtesy of FunDead Publications

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Episode 2: Villages of the Damned: Vampire Exhumations in Early New England

In this episode, I explore the evolution of the image of the vampire, and look beyond the fiction and folklore to expose the very real fear of vampirism in Early New England. Fear gripped the people of rural New England Towns in the 18th and 19th century, but where is the line crossed from fear, and superstition, into a very real and terrifying reality? Find out in this episode. *** NSFW***

*photo credit to Smithsonianmag.com



Special Halloween Minisode: Ghostly Encounters at the Omni Parker House

In this off-the-cuff minisode, I am recording in the haunted Omni Parker House Hotel in Boston. It’s Halloween, it’s my wedding anniversary, and of course, I decided to spend it in an old ass haunted hotel! Hear some quick tales about ghostly sightings and encounters in the hotel, with a little intro about Halloween thrown in for good measure.









Episode 1: The Witch is Back

The inaugural episode of the renewed podcast, Life After Midnight: Strange History, Salem Style, in which Kristin introduces you to all things that will be discussed on the show, and talks about the Famed Fortune Teller of Lynn, Moll Pitcher.

Be aware that this is NSFW, strong language included.

*there will be some crackling in the background as our microphone has decided to die an untimely death, but new equipment is on its way, Huzzah!

*Photo Courtesy of the Lynn Museum