Fan of the podcast? Take a tour with Kristin! 

I am so glad to finally offer walking tours of my very own, after a little hiatus from the downtown scene. I had been getting a lot of requests through social media from those of you visiting our wonderful city, and decided it was time to offer these on a small scale! I have been working in Salem tourism and Boston tourism for close to 9 years now, and there is nothing I love more than sharing history with people new to our town. Our goal is to give you an ACCURATE historical representation of our city, while also exploring how our folklore has evolved to create a shared sense of community through the sharing of stories, and offer cultural context for how we became what we are today.

Salem is a wonderful and strange place, with a breadth of history, rumors of haunting, and a culture all its own that keeps evolving with every passing year. It is a land of witches and ghosts, and these stories are essential to the fabric of Salem’s ongoing community relationship with practicing witches, and the paranormal, which are a huge part of our culture AND our history, in almost every century since colonization, and in the present day. But it is also a place where stories were made, history forged, and the American experience shared by diverse groups of people from all walks of life. I strive to honor those stories, and share the city that is my home, and my love with visitors. Our goal is to offer an accurate representation of our history while also acknowledging how folklore has developed here, and has shaped our community and culture as a whole, and made Salem what it is today. It has always been our belief that public history and what some would call “spooky history,” are one in the same, and that we need to acknowledge both of those paths in order to develop a better cultural understanding of the history of Salem. I hope that you will join us!

That being said, we are on stolen land, and it would be wise for us to continue the work to acknowledge that Salem was thriving with life, trade, and community before it was colonized. 

Land Acknowledgment from the City of Salem

So, if you want to take a walk with me, learn all about the Witch City, and take an intimate tour of Salem, you can find tickets here:

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What is this tour?

A 2 hour walking tour discussing the dark sides of Salem’s history, and pointing out all the paranormal hotspots! Please be advised, this tour does discuss death, murder, and some graphic content that may be too mature for children, we welcome all our younger macabre history enthusiasts, but please be advised that the tour content will not change (no profanity used, however) and this tour is generally not appropriate for children under 12. The choice to bring children is up to parental discretion. Our tours are limited to 15 people per tour.

What time is it?

Tours begin promptly at 8:00pm, and meet across from the Hawthorne Hotel, at the entrance to Salem Common at the intersection of Hawthorne Blvd. and S Washington Square. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your tour time to check in with your guide. Traffic and parking in Salem can be difficult in our busy season, please prepare accordingly.

Tips for a successful tour experience:

Masks are optional on tours. The mandate for the state of Massachusetts has been lifted. All those who are not yet vaccinated are still encouraged to wear masks when in close distances. Your guide can wear a mask if needed.

Please be advised that this is a walking tour, with not many places to sit. Total distance is about 1 mile of walking, with stops in between, so you will not be walking constantly. 

Tours will happen rain or shine, please be aware of weather, and be prepared with comfortable attire and walking shoes. Salem streets are all kinds of different terrain, and Salem nights can get chilly! 

There are a few places with portable restrooms throughout the city. It is best to use a restroom before your tour, as there may not be any along the way.

YOUR TICKET LEAP RECEIPT IS YOUR TICKET. Simply save your confirmation email. If you don’t have it, we have your name recorded, so simply check in with your guide upon arrival. But, you MUST have a confirmed reservation to attend.

No refunds for excessive lateness, or missed tours. If you are going to be late, please call 978-821-9441 so that the office can direct you to your guide.

Why are tickets expensive?

We are a small business, and offering tours at a much lower capacity than some other companies, in order to give our guests a more intimate tour setting. Less guests means easier walking through the city, more room for guests to gather close at smaller spaces, and more time to answer questions and really give you an in depth experience, different from a scripted tour. We believe that history and learning is a conversation, and wish to engage with our guests on a more personal level.

Will you be offering tours other than Saturdays?

At this time, we are only at capacity to offer tours to the public on Saturday evenings. But, private tours can be negotiated by email or phone. Our goal is to offer intimate tours of Salem, that are a conversation between you, and your guide! We want to stick to this, and keep our tours small, so that you feel you can get the most out of your time with us. We love questions! Keeping smaller tours means we can answer your questions, and keep it a light, fun, and informative experience, without anyone feeling like they are being dragged along.

Special private tours, custom tours, and school tours available on request. THESE TOURS MUST BE BOOKED AT LEAST ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE. We are a small team, who loves our city, and we want to be able to meet your needs, and make room for everyone! To book a private or custom tour, or with any direct inquiries or questions, please call 978-395-3423, or email through this page, or directly to Please note that it may take a few hours to get back, so email is better for general questions.

I hope to see you soon!