Episode 9: Under His Skin, The Life and Death of the Salem Seer

**Notice: This episode was recorded live on Zoom, and may have long pauses, diminished sound, and be less polished than normal episodes. Thank you in advance for bearing with me as I figure out this new platform and audio! All accompanying pictures can be found on lifeaftermidnightsalem.com**

Join Kristin and hear the story of a little known medium, Charles Henry Foster, the Salem Seer. Listen to a tale about the rise and fall of a man caught up in the whirl of Mesmerism, Mediumship, and the Spiritualist Movement. In this episode, we talk about Foster’s history, his connections to Salem, a brief history of the Spiritualist movement, and the beliefs that mediums like Foster used to justify their gifts. This episode is packed with seances, scandals, asylums, and the tragic end to one of the most prolific Salem figures of his day.

This is a special episode, that was done for Creative North Shore, as a part of their live artist stream series on their Facebook page during the COVID-19 Quarantine, to help support local artists and makers, and promote the artist economy. A huge thank you to John Andrews, Michelle Garcia, Carly Dwyer, Sam Stair, and the team at Creative North Shore for including Life After Midnight, and for all of their hard work and dedication to helping artists on the North Shore!

This episode is NSFW; some mature content discussed that may not be appropriate at work, limited profanity.

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Episode 5: She’s Got Looks That Kill: Deadly Fashions in the 19th Century (Part 2)

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In Part 2 of this episode, I conclude my journey into 19th century fashions with exploring Arsenic in green dye. Join me as we take a look at a fashion plague on Victorian England, its social impact, and the deaths surrounding household items used on a large scale. These fashion faux-pas will NOT leave you green with envy…

NSFW: Descriptions of death, and graphic descriptions of symptoms of Arsenic poisoning.

Episode 5 : She’s Got Looks That Kill: Deadly Fashions in the 19th Century (Part 1)



In this episode, I explore the strange, and sometimes fatal fashion trends that developed in the Western World in the 19th century. In the words of the ever-eloquent Motley Crue…”She’s Got Looks That Kill.” NSFW. Slight bit of strong language, lots of fire, and lots of frills.